FUNTECH Remote Control Boats 2.4GHz Radio Control Boat – High Speed 18 MPH (30 KM/H) Electric RC Boats for Pools&Lakes&Rivers – Best Gifts for Kids&Adults, Boys& Girls – White


* 2.4GHz Transmitter for extended operation -2.4GHz marine radio system providing extended range, better anti-interference ability, faster reaction speed, least power consumption and automatic code pairing.
* Multi-boat Operation – Race more than 20 boats against each other at the same time – just be sure to pair each one individually.
* USB Charger – Charge your battery conveniently via: Computer, Phone Charger, Power Bank, Car Charger. Recommended charging input: 5V1A.
* Water Cooled Engine&Waterproof Hull – Water circulates in and out to keep the motor cool at racing speed, extending the life of the motor. Waterproof Hull with Anti-Tilt modular design built from impact-resistant ABS plastic.
* Display Stand helps protect propeller and rudder when not in use.

Easy to Control even at High Speed

** High speed 18 MPH (30 KM/H) this Funtech RC boat is ready-to-run out of the box.
** Super-easy to control: Trigger for throttle to go forward, Knob for rudder (turn left/right), Trim buttons for left/right/forward.

Safety and Performance Features

** Self-Righting Hull Design:
The hull of the boat was designed to turn over on demand if it ever flips.
Push throttle & trigger forward then back to activate the Capsize Recovery Feature.
** Low Battery Alarm:
The transmitter beeps when in-boat battery is low — Time to get the boat back for a recharge!

Box Contents:
High Speed RC Boat
2.4GHz Controller
7.4v 360mAh Li-Ion Battery
USB Battery Charging Cable
Display Stand
Spare Propeller
Instruction Manual

Recommended for Ages 14+, for FRESH WATER USE ONLY Please SECURELY CLOSE the lid before putting the boat in water; water WILL invade and sink the boat if lid not properly locked