UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat – High Speed Venom RC Boats for Adults – Remote Control Boats for Lakes with 2 Batteries (Rattlesnake Red)


The UDI001 Venom is a fast, powerful remote control boat with features and speed that set it apart from other remote control boats for lakes, including an impressive water-cooled single-prop motor that can push it to 15+ MPH!

WHOA! THIS FAST REMOTE CONTROL BOAT HAS A WATER-COOLED SINGLE-PROP MOTOR. Buzz other rc boats at 15+ MPH with the Venom rc boat – a high-speed electric RC boat that takes a bite out of the competition.

COMPETE AGAINST OTHER FAST RC SPEED BOATS. Don’t worry about getting your signals crossed with other Venoms – this electric remote control boat features a 4-channel transmitter for optimal RC control boat racing.

LEARN THE ROPES FAST WITH AN EASY-TO-STEER REMOTE CONTROL BOAT FOR KIDS. Easy controls and a rudder design that auto-corrects yaw make this fast remote control boat easy to pilot – and it’s ready right out of the box making them awesome remote control boats for adults and kids.

FLIP YOUR RC BOAT? JUST USE THE REMOTE. This RC racing boat is designed to stay upright, but if you do roll it you can use the Capsize Recovery Feature to get back in the game fast!

GO LONG RANGE WITH THE VENOM’S 2.4GHZ SPEED BOAT REMOTE CONTROL. Push this RC speedboat to the edge of the pond with its powerful 2.4Ghz fast rc boat transmitter.

SAFE OPERATION IS TOO EASY. Let the Venom cool down for 20+ minutes after use and it’ll be ready for another race. If you need more power, allow your RC boat to dry before recharging, but do not charge or use if you notice anything wrapped or wedged against the motor or battery plug. Remote control boat kids and grownups rejoice – the Venom lake and pool remote control boat is your choice for fast freshwater cruising. Get out on the water today! (Force1 designs remote control boats for pools and lakes, and for freshwater use only; recommended for ages 14+)